During my professional career, I have participated in more than 100 IT related engagements in over 12 countries. My focus was to gain varied and broad knowledge so that I can combine different domains and fields in IT. Starting out in software development, while expanding my learning to broader fields such as data center management, service management, cloud management and automation. Learned how to apply my knowledge to leverage each domain with the experience from other domains. Currently I am assisting customers reach their potential and solve their problems with solutions using Cloud Infrastructure and Development. Significantly focusing on topics of interest such as Orchestration, Security, Monitoring, Business Continuity, Enterprise Architecture, and DevOps.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional AWS Certified Security Specialty
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer
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